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Volunteer Training Spring 2019

The Thresholds volunteers training session took place on Saturday September 19th at the Government Services Building on Westtown Road in West Chester. Gerry Stein was the facilitator for this session of 4 trainees, and made the presentation interesting and practical....

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Spring Classes begin at the Prison

Spring 201 Classes begin   The Spring Thresholds cycle of classes has begun at the Prison for men and women. One-on-One volunteers have been assigned and are working with their clients to make this a successful teaching session.    

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Chesco Prison numbers lower

The number of inmates at the Chester County Prison, once over 1,000 and leading to consistently overcrowded conditions, is currently at a low point, largely due to proactive efforts by county probation and prison officials designed to get inmates out of prison and on a path to leading productive, law-abiding lives.

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Upcoming Events

Plans are in the making

Our list of upcoming events is in the planning stage.  Make a return visit to see what events are in store.

Correction Justice News and Links

Storytelling helps children of incarcerated parents

How Storytelling helps parents in prison stay connected to their kids When a parent is sent to prison, the unintended victims of their crimes are their own children -- without stability and support, kids are at higher risk for mental health and development issues. In...

Prisoner Reentry 2018 in NJ

Former NJ Gov. Jim McGreevey and NJ Institute for Social Justice Pres. Ryan Haygood: Fighting recidivism by breaking down the barriers to successful prisoner re-entry.   Click to view

Community Court: A Kinder, Gentler Way?

Newark Municipal Court Judge Victoria Pratt: her unusual approach to handling low level, non-violent crime by using support, scolding and social services to salvage, rather than punish. Click to view.

Psychiatric treatment of the incarcerated

  Elizabeth Ford, head of the NYC Health & Hospitals Correctional Health Services, is interviewed about mental health in the prison system. Hear excerpts from her appearance on the Daily Show.     .