The 6 Step Model

The basics of the Thresholds Program is the six step decision process as designed by Mickey Burglass. Mickey Burglass

These steps are :

  • Define/Understand the situation you are in
  • Set a goal for yourself in this situation
  • Develop possibilities to reach your goal
  • Evaluate the possibilities
  • Decide on one of the possibilities
  • Implement your decision


The Six Steps are presented using group and individual sessions.

Group/Macro Class

Each week one of the steps is presented in the group class. Using lecture, interactive activities , question and answer, and role play, the Threshold teacher presents the details of the step for the class.  Workbooks supplied to the inmates follow along with the weekly  teaching material.

One-on-One/Micro Class

A Volunteer will meet with the student during the week discussing how the material applies to the inmate and his/her situation. Over the course of the sessions, the student and volunteer discuss the realistic ways to achieve the chosen goal. Through this small step approach, the student learns a better, more thought-out way to handle and resolve situations in their lives