Chester County Prison - Thresholds Workplace

Spring Sessions have completed with 12 men and women graduating at the Prison and the Corrections Center.  Enthusiasm was high among the graduates. 

Thresholds one-on-one Volunteer

Thresholds Volunteer working with an Inmate

Assisting the inmate in learning to make decisions, volunteers build confidence in their student and receive great satisfaction in the process as well.

Thresholds Group Teaching

Students learn what is involved in making a thought-out decision, much different than reacting to life’s situations. 

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Welcome to Chester County Thresholds

Thresholds is a group of dedicated volunteers who teach decision making skills to inmates at Chester County Prison. The six step process enables the client/inmates to set goals and develop practical plans to reach them. By use of group and one-on-one teaching settings, inmates are able to make the teachings personal and the goals achievable. Thresholds is the largest continuous skills and self help course provided at Chester County Prison.

What’s in the Name

A threshold is the sill of a doorway of a house or building. Our goal is that the inmate-clients, after completing the course, will cross over to a new beginning in their lives as they start to make better decisions.