Chester County Prison - Thresholds Workplace

Spring Sessions have completed with 12 men and women graduating at the Prison and the Corrections Center.  Enthusiasm was high among the graduates. 

Thresholds one-on-one Volunteer

Thresholds Volunteer working with an Inmate

Assisting the inmate in learning to make decisions, volunteers build confidence in their student and receive great satisfaction in the process as well.

Thresholds Group Teaching

Students learn what is involved in making a thought-out decision, much different than reacting to life’s situations. 

Volunteers assist inmates in choosing the personal goals that they want to accomplish.

Thresholds has been helping Inmates make better Decisions since 1980.  It is the largest self-help program in the Chester County Prison, enabling inmates to change their lives.

Now I use it everyday. Stepping back and making a good decision kept me out of trouble.

Marie T.

Inmate at the Chester County Prison

I learned to step back and think before I act and every situation has gifts and limits.

Isaiah R.

Inmate in the Chester County Prison

I was able to learn something new and life changing. I learned that when you take the time out and think, the outcome may surprise you.

Jessica M.

Inmate at the Corrections Center

I reacted without thinking before and now I think before I do.

William S.

Inmate in the Chester County Prison